High drama at Winning HQ

3 May, 2012 Company, Online, Retail

It’s been 24-hours of high drama at the Appliances Online and Big Brown Box  headquarters… with a fire breaking out in an underground substation between our two offices and 200 people being evacuated.

We’ve even made the news quite a few times in the past 24 hours… with the fire triggering a power outage, a threat to nearby residents and flats and massive traffic delays around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Having a fire breaking out in our main office was a great way of testing our disaster minimisation system, which thankfully stood the test. The main thing is that everyone is safe. The encouraging thing is that our sites didn’t go down at all, and our technology divisions ‘mission critical automation’ came into fruition. Unless you were in the office watching smoke billow out from a sub-station beneath the ground (or following us on Facebook), you wouldn’t have had a clue we were being evacuated.

We were able to leave a message explaining there was a fire for people who called in, and checked messages with a mobile phone and responded quickly to enquiries. We also had a message on our website explaining why the phone lines were temporarily down. Special thanks must go to our dedicated staff who stayed back until midnight to help ensure no deliveries were missed and all customers were  aware of what was happening with their orders.

Today, we are still without power however our office, yet everyone is working using back-up power supply thanks to ActiveAir.com.au. The main thing is that everyone is safe. Unfortunately the fire did result in the death of a fish who sadly did not survive carbon dioxide being blasted into the building to put out the fire, and a few egos were checked when some of our staff wearing the Appliances Online uniform of a black hoodie were questioned by police who thought they might be ransacking the building.

We send our best wishes to two people who were taken to hospital yesterday and wish them a speedy recovery.

Some amateur footage of the scene from yesterday is below.

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