Apology note

17 April, 2015 Company, Marketing

This week we made the decision to end our partnership with Stencil (a third party social media agency who Appliances Online has used since 2013) after we discovered that they had been using content on Appliances Online’s Facebook page and not crediting the original source nor asking for permission.

We were of the belief that this content was being created originally or purchased from 3rd party websites and image libraries such as this post which uses a stock image from shutterstock: http://www.shutterstock.com/s/hot-cross-bun/search.html

As a blogger myself (albeit in a very small league of my own) I respect the importance of original content and myself and Appliances Online are truly sorry that some bloggers have had their content inappropriately used on our page.

I want to also mention that we fully respect the importance of original content. We employ our own full time Australian based copywriter team, content creation team, photography team and videography team in house who all do an amazing job creating original content for our blog, website and many of the other posts for our social media channels.

Whilst we weren’t aware that this was taking place, we are taking full responsibility for the lazy actions made by the agency we employed. We are in no way trying to pass the buck and are in the process of reaching out to the bloggers involved so that we can work with them to try and make this situation better.

We would like to rectify this and are open to suggestions by those affected as to how we may be able to do this. I am personally involved and working with my team to work with these bloggers to resolve the situation. Some we have spoken to already, others we have reached out to and some we are trying to get contact details for.

Hopefully this post will assist us in making contact with those impacted. My email is john@winning.com.au for anyone who would like to get in touch with me or pass my details onto anyone who has been affected. I will also be happy to provide my personal mobile number on request to those involved.


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