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14 November, 2011 Marketing

Google+ launched pages for businesses last week and Appliances Online were quick to get on board with our own page.

Social media is hugely important to our business in allowing us to communicate individually and collectively with our customers, so we’re always interested in new channels. Currently we have over 180,000 Facebook fans, nearly 20,000 Twitter followers and we’re quickly growing our Youtube channel.

A handful of customers have already found us on Google+, but it’s pretty quiet compared to the other social media networks for now.

Google+ is being rolled out in the typical Google fashion of get it out there, fix it later – and it’s certainly received a lot of criticism because of it. It’s important to keep in mind though that it is still very much in ‘beta’ and is not a finished product yet. For example, there’s little integration with other products (Youtube or Blogger, for example), no vanity URLs and the function of the +1 button, for brands as well as users, is quite vague and not as complete an experience as it needs to be to dethrone Facebook, yet.

If Google had launched with a more-developed product, including access for Google Apps users, brand pages and full integration with Youtube channels the lukewarm initial reception could have been much different, but the platform still shows much promise.

From our point of view, we’d love to see it become another legitimate communication channel – particularly as it’ll allow us to connect with customers who prefer not to use Facebook. If you want to connect with Appliances Online on Google+ you can +1 the page or add us to a circle and learn with us as we see what Google does with the platform in the future.

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