• Always determined to make a mark on the retail market

    2 February, 2012 Videos

    Appliances Online founder and CEO John Winning admits despite being born into retail he has remained committed to making his own mark on the industry.

    The entrepreneur said he was always likely to end up in the family business but wanted to bring his own ideas to the 100plus-year-old Winning brand.

    Speaking at an Interactive Minds session in Brisbane, John said he was focused on bringing Appliances Online to market, as well as the AV site Big Brown Box, alongside the traditional bricks and mortar brand of Winning Appliances.

    He said: “I had a bit of an ego and I didn’t want to be the kid who went into the family business, inherited the business, and took it from there and it was the easy path.

    “I wanted to make my own path in life.

    “I saw the online retail space growing, and started a discussion over why can’t we take what my family business does in terms of customer service and selling the products that we’ve got, and put that on the internet.”

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  • Social media is the best tool to engage with your customers


    Interacting with customers through social media is key to online retail success, according to Appliances Online founder and CEO John Winning.

    He claimed sites like Facebook and Twitter work to engage with people who have used your service, and said people often want to talk about their experiences with the company.

    Speaking at an Interactive Minds session in Brisbane, John said staff from Appliances Online and Big Brown Box were communicating with customers every day, but said it is not their role to instigate conversation.

    He said customers feel comfortable raising discussion topics online, talking about their delivery and critiquing, positively or negatively, the service they have received.

    John said: “When you’re talking about a business that has grown from word of mouth and you have got a new business that you’re trying to grow on the back of the same customer experience, social media is the best tool you could possibly use.”

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  • We’re one big family, and always getting bigger


    With an ever expanding workforce, Appliances Online founder and CEO John Winning says it is important to remember to treat all staff like family.

    Due to the success of the online retail sites Appliances Online and Big Brown Box, the number of people working for the Winning group in total has grown to more than 350.

    And John says that by keeping each individual happy in their role, and by involving them in the company, it makes for a better working environment.

    Speaking at an Interactive Minds session in Brisbane, he said: “Being a family business, it’s very important to us. Make it fun, involve staff in what you do.

    “The benefit of doing something for your staff is they will work harder for you. They put in a greater amount of effort for us.”

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  • Know your website so it’s easy for customers


    Creating a complete customer experience has always been a major factor in the success of the Winning Appliances brand since it was established more than 100 years ago.

    And ensuring a website is user friendly is the modern day version of keeping the shop floor tidy, which is why Appliances Online founder and CEO John Winning believes it is imperative to maintaining people’s interest when buying online.

    The design of a site, according to John, has to accommodate many factors including prominence of products, accessibility of information and the multimedia aspects, while ensuring it fits the needs of the customer.

    And he believes any feedback, from competitions, analysis and questioning, from those who use the site to purchase, helps ensure it remains entirely fit for purpose.

    Speaking at an Interactive Minds session in Brisbane, John said: “Do everything you can to try find and out what your customers are doing on the site.

    “Use your analytics tools to find out where they are visiting the site, where they are dropping out of the site, where they’re entering the site, what pages they are spending the most time on.”

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  • A great customer experience is at the heart of everything we do

    1 February, 2012 Videos

    Ensuring a great customer experience remains “at the heart” of the retail plans set out by Appliances Online founder and CEO John Winning.

    From the beginnings of the 106-year-old Winning Appliances through to the launch of Appliances Online and most recently Big Brown Box, the standard of service provided to customers has been of paramount importance.

    And John believes maintaining that level of service, quality, and information, is vital to anyone trying to operate in the online retail space.

    Speaking at an Interactive Minds session, in Brisbane, John said: “From my family business, it’s built solely on word of mouth. Customer experience is at the heart of everything we do in all the business we do.

    “Whenever anything goes wrong we take it upon us to fix the problem.”

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